Damien Halme

Spokesperson for the angel on your right shoulder, and the devil on your left.
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About Damien

Damien is a content creator, voice actor, writer, and musician. He is Finnish, which gives him the super power of casually strolling out of burning buildings. He currently spends what little free time he has staring motionless and overwhelmed at all the projects he wants to complete.

Damien attended Del Mar Media Arts, and has lent voice and face to everything from mobile games and MMOs to commercials, tv, and cinema.

He is married, with two daughters, and besides these three, his favorite person in the whole world is you.


D's Family

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

We would love to grow in so many ways. If you'd like to collaborate on a creative project or have a business inquiry, please reach out: damienhalme@pm.me

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